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          Lunchtime is for 30 minutes, but is now split across Periods 3 & 4 to ensure students take lunch with their year group bubble. This ensures year groups do not mix, students have only a short time to queue and can sit and eat at tables for the whole session. This also allows Year 7 to have lunch together, without other year groups, something they find very helpful particularly in the early months of joining the school. Our non-teaching Year Learning Managers are always on duty when their group are having lunch, as well as during the day when they visit lessons to check on the progress of students, including those targeted for support and intervention.


          而在下午2:30放学结束,学习不和学生可以从2.30-3.30pm参加可选的铀浓缩活动,并在以后的情况。我们认为学生应该有机会试穿时,有犹在学科赶超,同时新的体育和利益,或工作。通常有大约50活动从每星期选。在星期二的工作人员有两个小时的训练时间从2.30 - 下午4:30所以有当晚少铀浓缩活动。

          有关此处富集看的更多信息: //www.serbiologo.com/enrichment-activities



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